My Eyes View

DSCN0250 - Copy

The pictures I take are about what I see, see in the sense that it struck me in some way. Pictures to me are a reflection of what the mind and heart feel and the eye visualizes. We all have our own unique vision and when guided by the heart creates truth on film. The phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words” is so true when emotion cannot be described simply when viewing an image that wrought feelings. Then there are those pictures that are beyond words, those that capture the beauty of nature or the awe of creation or that of human tragedy and environmental destruction that leave you wordless… with only your eyes to interpret with tears of extreme appreciation for the beauty around us or the desperate sadness of deteriorating condition. Such visual emotion, so extreme and yet sometimes just the simplicity of a gleam of light reflecting on a glass is wonderment. We all interpret pictures differently because we are all unique and so one image can have many different meanings which is the beauty of being human. I hope you enjoy my pictures from “my eyes view” for they were taken from the truth that’s in me. (updated April 4,2014)
Thank You,


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