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I am an amateur photographer armed with my camera, the ability to focus and my eye. I still have much to learn in regards to the technicalities of what my camera can actually do. I’m learning though however slowly. I have always loved to take pictures but only now having the opportunity to focus on this passion.  Blogging is a very new thing for me as you can probably tell. If not for my son helping me to set up this would not be happening. I must say that I am enjoying this very much. Please bear with me as I continue on this new adventure and I would appreciate any comments that would help me be better.

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11 thoughts on “About

  1. I like the entire set. Do you live in San Francisco? It is still my home although I no longer live in the city. Miss it! I love anything San Francisco! Look forward to seeing more of your photos, Sally

    • Thank you for liking my photos I really do appreciate that and no I do not live in san Francisco but my son lives there so we are there quite often. My husband and I find San Francisco magical. cindy

    • I liked very much what I saw and read and would like to thank you Ed for the thorough job of capturing the essence of the places you visit. I would love to visit Ireland one day as my Son did and loved it but as this opportunity is not in my foreseeable future I would like to thank you for the gracious visit through your photos and your words.

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