I Miss You

Our cat that we’ve had for many many years passed away yesterday. He was an exceptional cat in many ways. He was brave, kind, giving, sweet and most of all loyal. Being a kitten that no one wanted even us until my son begged us to take him in (oh no! I can’t see what I’m writign)….became a big part of our lives much like an under current..strong..but not obvious. As he grew and his personality, character developed we became intertwined into each others lives not knowing the impact he would have on us one day. He was just Meeshee…the cat.. and little did I know just how much he grew on me until yesterday. There He was bringing us gifts and leaving them at the front door and me complaining or just a little rub against your leg just to say hi and me not paying attention because…. he was always there. We have many stories to tell of his antics and well just being Meeshee. Everyone knew about him and when we would tell a tale we would all say “Oh that Meeshee” What a character! and I will miss you my old friend.


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