Into Oz

IMG_0296 - Copy - Copy
I’ve been trying to get this shot for a while. I usually have a small window of opportunity upon entering the city to capture it. The funny thing is I don’t realize this is that elusive shot until I see it and then I say to myself “oh yea this is that shot I’ve been trying to get”. Although not perfect but here it is.
San Francisco is a place that I find captivating for the obvious reasons everybody talks about including myself. This is a photographers paradise! There is literary a shot in every corner, at least for me there is. But there is that other side that can be quite disturbing and frightening. As much cultural diversity and architectural beauty there is in the city there is also that dark and seedy element that exists in parallel. Your emotions can swing greatly from awe to fright more so with the part of the city your in. I like San Francisco because it engages my senses to a high degree, its exciting! but on the other side of that it can smack you in the face with a good dose of reality of how bad it can really be for those who have given up on life and the destruction and filth that this brings to their surroundings……. Into Oz we go!


2 thoughts on “Into Oz

  1. After living in San Francisco for quite a few years I can identify with the “reality smack” that you describe. But it remains one of the most beautiful cities I have ever lived in………….if the people would just go away~! I left that city 20 years ago for the wide open spaces of Texas and while I still need to go back occasionally for a “fix” i could never imagine living there again.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • I appreciate your comment. Thank you! I was a little hesitant to describe the city in that way, but that is what I see. It’s a fascinating city! A city overflowing with beauty and excitement. But it does expose you to the extreme opposites of human existence.

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