Behind the wheel 3

IMG_0636 - Copy
I really enjoy the interiors of vintage cars, you never know what to expect. In this case the interior was quite meticulously done, beautiful!!


2 thoughts on “Behind the wheel 3

  1. Great shot! I can tell by the upholstery that this is a “hot rod” or rather a “custom”, not a museum on wheels. The pointy center section on the horn is an “after market” item, just for the cool look.
    Been racking my brain to figure out the make and model………..looks like an older Chevy.
    I love the chrome glove box door……..we used to do that in hopes of getting a peek under her skirt~! That was back when a girl or woman in pants was a rare sight. Thanks for sharing

    • Thanks Richard for the correct info. I love cars in general but have a special fondness toward the vintage ones. Any information on these Vehicles is greatly appreciated and learning about them is fun. What I should of done was to take a picture of the vehicles info card, but I saw way too many nice cars I wanted to take a pictures of…and…well, that’s what happened. Thanks Richard for your comment. I will post the whole vehicle in my next post.
      Sooo that’s what the chrome was for!

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