Target Practice

IMG_0161 - Copy

Alone up here I started to wonder how safe it was. A deserted road, no one around, hmm! The sign made me think that someone up here likes to have fun shooting at things and they’re pretty darn good at that. But they are probably long gone by now (hopefully!). Maybe I watch too many movies but the thought was a little unsettling.  Anyways… I do believe at his point we are descending. But at one point of our ascent I saw a very narrow road along the edge of the next mountain, I mean the literal edge, you know the kind that looks undrivable  unless your on a horse or an adrenaline addict, sooo I asked  my husband ” we’re not going on THAT ROAD are we” he said “maybe” OH, NO! I began to plead “I CAN’T DO IT, I JUST CAN’T” but as luck would have it we came up to a fork in the road and headed in the opposite direction. BYE EDGE OF DEATH! I am no Indiana Jones.


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