Brave Tree (for the love of a son)

IMG_0154 - Copy
Both my husband and I said that we would never travel by airplane. Me because of my fear of heights. But lo and behold wouldn’t you know it that one of my sons would move to Florida. A trip not easy by car from California. Well out of love for my son, we booked a flight to Florida. I was so nervous getting on the plane that I literally thought I was going to have a heart attack. But I was determined to go see my son even if it killed me (which I thought it might). As we started to go up into the sky I couldn’t look out the window (yes I had a window seat) But then I FORCED myself to look out. It took a few tries after the initial shock but eventually I could do it and to my surprise I WAS O.K. Go figure! Now it’s a piece of cake. So now, how can I conquer this fear of falling off a cliff???


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