Going Up!!!

IMG_0119 - Copy
OH NO! Those who know me know that I am terribly afraid of heights. I wanted to kind of prove to myself that I can go up these mountains and not be so afraid because after all this was for the sake of taking pictures. I was WRONG. The higher we went and the narrower the roads got the more afraid I became. Driving my husband slowly insane I’m sure, but him knowing me, just kept quietly moving on (he’s a tolerant soul). Don’t get to close to the edge! was my mantra. What if another car comes in the opposite direction, there’s no room to pass. what do we do! what do we do! He would say don’t worry there’s room and I would say WHERE! Luckily no car came and I was able to shoot some photos through my fear of falling off the edge. I didn’t take the pictures I wanted too and I think We’ll have to go back up, maybe I will be better. I mentioned to my husband of my future plan and he said ” ARE YOU SURE!” I said “I think so”. In this photo we are still on low ground but headed to my fear


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