Where’s the Road??

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I do NOT like to travel in the rain. I am pretty sure I am having a panic attack here but I am still taking pictures. My husband is an excellent driver so I am in good hands.
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5 thoughts on “Where’s the Road??

  1. If I can I might recommend you using Rain-X. It is a product that I have found makes the rain water come off in sheets and helps you to see even in the hardiest rain storms. I have even passed trucks on the highway and the windshield stayed clear where I could see. Just follow the instructions on the bottle. Have a blessed day, and by the way we are in a drought right now so please send the rain this way. Jim

    • Thank you Jim. I will take that advice and buy Rain-X and hopefully it will help me with my fear of driving in the rain. It sounds like the perfect product for my husband because not only will it help him with the driving (most important) it will also ease his efforts at trying to calm an hysterical wife as well. Sorry to hear about your drought hopefully the needed rain will fall soon. Thank you again. Cindy

      • We get some every so often but we have been in drought for about 13 years. We have a lake about 50 miles away that has dropped from 99 feet to 37.6 feet pretty bad any way. You and yours have a blessed day. Jim

  2. I would like to thank you for the rain. Tonight is 06/14/13 and it is raining, boy it sounds and fills good. If you could just make it do this for a month or so we might be able to catch up on rain fall. Have a very blessed day. Jim

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