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Hi my name is Bernie and I am a St. Bernard/Boxer mix. I just love to make my people happy. Right now I am posing so don’t make me laugh. Oh and I am 3 yrs. old. 1 of 2


2 thoughts on “Bernie

  1. Cindy, I have a three year old Boxer/St. Bernard as well and you boy looks very much like mine. I have not come across another that looks so much like him. Starbuck has the Boxer using his paws trait but definitely the St. Bernard sense of smell and he LOVES snow. Your boy is beautiful! Leslie

    • Leslie, when we first got Bernie I googled St. Bernard/Boxer mixes to see if they looked like Bernie and realized how different many of them were. Come to think about it not even his brothers looked like him, he was the only brown one, that’s why we chose him. Apparently these two breeds can create a variety of possibilities both by appearance and traits. Bernie loves the cold (doesn’t tolerate heat well) and would probably adore the snow just like your Starbucks does. I suppose his Boxer part is probably his wanting to stay a puppy forever, going on 4 now he’s one giant pup. Thanking you Leslie for your comment and aren’t they precious! Cindy

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